Some of the cleanest and finest beaches to be found anywhere in California or the nation are in Ventura County, on the coast just north of Los Angeles and south of Santa Barbara.
Whether you are into surfing, fishing, laying in the sun, camping for the weekend, or whatever, Ventura County has the best beaches to do any of these things. The beaches are un-crowded, clean and naturally inviting. Now that summer is here, the time to really enjoy these beaches is right now.

The following is just a few of the more popular beaches along the coast in Ventura County:
Rincon Point-Rincon Point is located just south of the Santa Barbara county line and is rated as one of the very top surfing places in the world. There is no cost to use the beach here.
Hobson Beach Campground-31 camping sites, 10 with full hookups, cheap prices
Rincon Beach Parkway-one of the most favorable beach camping sites
Faria Beach & Campground-located seven miles south of Ventura, managed much like Hobson Beach Campground
Solimar Beach & South along Old Rincon Highway-The waves are mild and family friendly and the surf is good for beginning surfers. Very popular and sometimes hard to find a parking place, but if you want to catch a view of the Pacific sunset, this is the place to do it.
Emma Wood State Beach-Beautiful day use only beach for children and family. Just east of the campground is the mouth of the Ventura River where it empties into the Pacific Ocean.
Surfers Point and Ventura Beach-This beach is where there is all year surfing and lots of surfers every day.
Other popular beaches with easy access- San Buena Ventura State Beach (entrance at San Pedro St.)
Pierpont Beach at Seaward Village
Marina Park
Harbors Cove Beach
Surfers Knoll
McGrath State Beach

These are the greatest beaches in Southern California. One visit and you will be hooked for good!!

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