You Know You Grew Up In Ventura When:

Ventura Harbor
You Know You are From Ventura When
  • You know you are from Ventura when:
  • You’ve corrected people who say ‘Two Trees”, to inform them it is really ‘Five Trees”.
  • You still call the newspaper the Star-Free Press
  • You remember where Taylor’s Ranch was.
  • You have biked or skateboarded down Palm, or worse yet, learned to drive.
  •  You’ve eaten Tony’s Pizza and Johnny’s Burritos.
  •  One of the best cheap lunches was at the Chinese Gardens downtown. Great booths and the tea lady.
  • You say that someone lives ‘out in” Saticoy, ‘out on’  the Avenue or “up in  Ojai, but you say that people live ‘over in’ Oxnard.
  • You know where Hobo Jungle is.
  •  You know where the Top Hat Hamburger Stand was.
  •  Retarded Children’s is not an offensive remark, it’s the thrift store.
  •  You think Fair Day should still be an October school holiday.
  • Your phone number was something like Miller 3-4567.
  •  You’ve eaten at Loop’s at 2:00 a.m.
  •  You’ve danced at the Green Mill Ballroom and the Ban Dar.
  •  You remember when Ventura had a real river.
  •  You remember when the road went under the pier and the water temperature was posted at the bait shop where Erickson’s is now.
  •  You know why Meta Liquor and the Meta Motel were on Thompson Blvd.
  • You know Cemetery Park is really still a cemetery.
  •  You still haven’t figured out what you can do to replace a drive to Candy Cane Lane at Christmas.
  •  You still call the Ventura Library the EP Foster Library.
  •  you miss the 101 Drive In.
  •  You remember May Henning School.
  •  You wish Chase Brother’s Dairy would still deliver to your front door .
  •  You remember the Helm’s Bakery truck that brought donuts, and those drawers full of donuts.
  • You’ve had many barbecue’s at Camp Comfort or Foster Park and caught tadpoles in the streams there.
  •  You understand the four seasons: Flood, Fog, Santa Ana’s, and Fire.


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